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for getting started and becoming aware of our biases

Be mindful:
  • with your first impression
  • with hasty assessment [Take a little bit more time, for example]
  • in case of generalizing statements about people and groups [for example: "Men are ..." oder "All female students have ..."]
  • with your choice of words, especially in situations that are loaded with stereotypes
  • in intransparent decision making processes [when the connection between reasoning and application criteria is missing, for example]
  • when a person is solely seen as representative of a group [for example: as a study beginner, a typical professor etc.]
Before I label and categorize ...

… I ask that person
What can I do for you? What do you mean by that?

… I look closer
Who is that person in from of me? What does this person want?

… I change the perspective
How else could one interpret that? How else could one see that?

… I approach the person open-mindedly
How can I be conducive to this situation? What do we want to achieve (together)? How can we come to an agreement?

… I reflect my presumptions and interpretations
What am I thinking right now and why?  

… I reconsider my assessments of situations, people and groups
How else could I interpret/understand that?

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