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In order to create ideal learning, research and working conditions for all, barriers, exclusion mechanisms and discrimination must be dismantled and one's own privileges reflected upon. For some, this also means questioning norms and showing solidarity.

How can this be achieved? Certainly not overnight, not without one or two mistakes along the way, and not without the necessary patience (with oneself), openness and willingness to learn. On the subpages here you find concrete advice on accessibility, language, teaching/learning and recruitment. Some of it was developed by employees of the University of Graz, much of it comes from other educational institutions and experts. For a first suggestion, the subpage "to get started" is recommended.


Coordination Centre for Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities
Beethovenstr. 19, 8010 Graz
Dr. Lisa Scheer Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 5724

Monika Valentini, DW 5721

Dr. Barbara Hey MBA

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